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Given our home city, Nissan Stadium is the prime music venue for concerts and festivals. With a sweeping view of Music City’s downtown and other prime Nashville landmarks, what better way to enjoy a night of your favorite music?

With our expansive field space, substantial capacity, various break-out spaces, event rooms and more we are the ideal home for any festival or concert. Every seat in the house will experience the highest quality sound system loud and clear thanks to our advanced PA system. You will also have the convenience of accessing video and audio equipment, connections and other technical necessities you may require.

Host your next festival or concert at Nissan Stadium and we’ll make sure it’s smooth, seamless and successful so you can focus on dancing the night away!

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Concerts & Festivals

Parking Lots

Having the Southern weather on our side makes our Parking Lots the ideal location for your next concert or festival. Our parking lots surround the entire stadium totally at 16 varying lots. The exclusive lots offer spacious event areas equipped for multiple stages, various vendor locations, and plenty of room for crowds to roam and experience the event. Concert goers can journey around Nissan Stadium and participate in games, enjoy locally catered snacks, and enjoy the great music and even better views of the Nashville skyline.

West Club

When it comes to music events, there’s no city that does it better than Music City itself, boasting with talent on every corner and creative connoisseurs on every block. Our West Club is the IT event space given its elegance, adverse setup options and of course the view. Partnering with our Special Events team, you will be guided through the entire process of organizing, planning and hosting a concert or festival in the West Club. This luxurious event space blends the novelty of hosting an event at Nissan Stadium with the high-class service and amenities of a five-star resort.


Although it probably goes without saying, hosting your concert or festival at Nissan Stadium means the opportunity to host it on-field. That’s right, have the home of your next music event be the same as the global phenomenon Taylor Swift, the ground-rocking CMA Festival and endless other prestigious, legendary musical guests. Now it’s your turn.

Concerts & Festivals: On-Field
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Concerts & Festivals: On-Field